2017-18 Curious Theatre Company Season Auditions

Equity and Non-Equity Actors for our 2017-18 Season

Equity Auditions: Saturday, April 22- 10am-2pm, Curious Theatre, 1080 Acoma St, Denver CO, 80204

Additional Date: Monday April 24, 5:30pm-9:30pm

Email for an appointment: Phoebe Sacks, Production Manager- phoebe@curioustheatre.org

Please prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues not exceeding four minutes combined.

APPROPRIATE By Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Rehearsals start: August 7/8, 2017
Previews: August 31- September 1
Opens: September 2
Closes: October 14
*possible 1-week extension to end on October 21

Antoinette “Toni” Lafayette – the oldest, white, late 40s/early 50s

Rhys Thurston – her son, white, late teens

Beauregarde “Bo” Lafayette – the middle, white, late 40s/early 50s

Rachael Kramer-Lafayette – his wife, white, late 40s

Cassidy “Cassie” Kramer-Lafayette – their oldest child, white, early teens

Ainsley Kramer-Lafayette – their youngest child, white, a child

François “Franz/Frank” Lafayette – the youngest, white, late 30s/early 40s

River Rayner – his fiancée, white, early 20s but looks younger

Rehearsals start: October 9/10, 2017
Previews: November 2-3
Opens:November 4
Closes: December 9
Two actors play all the roles here: ideally an actor in his 30s who plays Dan most of the time, and an actor around 50 to mostly play Paul.

The older of these two actors has the first line of the play, and with each new character-heading— even when it’s the same character—the actors alternate.

Dan – 30’s

Paul – 50’s

DETROIT ‘67 by Dominique Morisseau
Rehearsals start: December 18/19, 2017
Previews: January 11-12, 2018
Opens: January 13
Closes: February 24

BUNNY (BONITA) – Black woman, mid-to-late 30s, fun, spunky, sexy, and joyful. A friend and sometimes a lover…Never lets nothin’ get her down.

SLY (SYLVESTER) – Black man, late 30s, hip, slick, and sweet-talking. An honest hustler and numbers man. Fiercely loyal. Lank’s best buddy.

CAROLINE – White woman, late 20s/early 30s, beautiful, quiet strength, troubled, soft, and mysterious. There is a world of danger behind her eyes.

Rehearsals start: February 12/13, 2018
Previews: March 15-16
Opens: March 17
Closes: April 14

Pill Marcantonio (PierLuigi = P.L.= Pill), Italian-American, 53, high school history teacher, Gus’s son

Eli, mid-20s, a hustler

Paul Davis, African-American, 47, formerly an assistant professor of theology at Columbia University/Union Theological Seminary, now a visiting lecturer at the

University of Minnesota, Pill’s husband

Clio Marcantonio, (sometimes called Zeeko (Zia Clio= Aunt Clio) by her nephews and niece), Italian-American, 69, former disgraced Carmelite nun, former Maoist, Gus’s sister

V Marcantonio (Vito = Vin, Vic, Vinnie, V), Italian-American, 38, building contractor. Gus’s son

Gus Marcantonio, Italian-American,72, retired longshoreman, lifetime member of the Communist Party USA

Maeve Ludens, 40, Doctor of Theology, same-sex partner of Empty

Sooze Moon Marcantonio, Korean-American, early 30s, wife of V

Adam Hervey, early 50s, real estate lawyer, Empty’s ex-husband

Michelle O’Neill, called Shelle, Irish-American, 40s

YOUR BEST ONE by Meridith Friedman
Rehearsals start: April 9/10, 2018
Previews: May 3-4
Opens: May 5
Closes: June 16

Josh- Early-mid teens. David’s adopted son

Run Crew

Curious hires run crew positions on a show-by-show basis. Our run crew work as dressers, scenic movers, and properties coordinators. Please email Phoebe Saks at pheobe@curioustheatre.org with your letter of interest and which production runs you are fully available.


Interns at Curious gain practical experience in arts administration and theatre production. Internships are currently offered in the areas of development, marketing, technical theatre, education, and artistic administration/production management. Curious Theatre Company internships are unpaid.

The duration of the internships may vary by department. Candidates should be actively pursuing the field of specialty or a relevant field of study. Individuals should be ambitious and driven, outgoing and personable, and possess excellent skills in writing and communication.

To apply: email a cover letter with your particular interests, a copy of your current resume and three references to Katie Maltais at katie@curioustheatre.org.

Play Submissions

Submissions for the 2017-18 Season are now closed. Curious Theatre Company only accepts plays submitted through an agency.